Serious Serum



For Legs That Turn Heads Wherever You Walk

Do you get nasty ingrown hairs after waxing?

Most people don't think they need any sort of aftercare when they're finished waxing. Or, even worse, they'll scrub their skin to death, which can cause even more problems for your body's largest organ.

Now, we hate these rebellious hair follicles as much as you do. It's not only that they hurt and look unsightly, but they can actually cause serious health problems down the line - like permanent scarring, pigmentation, bacterial infections and cists.

That's why we created Serious Serum - a premium grade AHA chemical exfoliator so you never have to worry about ingrown hairs or cosmetic health problems ever again. 

Serious Serum:

  • Leaves your skin smooth and supple from the moment of application
  • Reduces redness
  • Smooths bumps and rough skin 
  • Deeply hydrates skin barrier

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