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Shopify Discount Demo scenario showcase [LIVE COUPON CODES INCLUDED]

To drive more sales to your Shopify store it's good to give a discount to a customer. Shopify platform by default has the functionality to build the discount / coupon strategy to fit your customers. In this blog post we'll cover different Shopify discount demo scenario, and you can use it directly in products at Bearie store.   Simple Discount demo with percentage Conditions: Applies to the entire order. Discount Amount: 15%. Coupon: BEARIELOVESPROMO15 You can apply the coupon right now, just hit on the button "add to cart" then insert the coupon code. The code below is generated by Shopify Buy Button sales channel.       Simple Discount demo with fixed amount Coupon: BEARIELOVESPROMO10FIXED Conditions: Applies to the entire order. Discount...

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